Welcome to Unique Forge, where tradition meets innovation in the heart of Gujarat, India. For over three decades, we've honed our craft to become a premier Hot Closed Die Forged Components & Flanges manufacturer. Our products boast unparalleled durability, corrosion resistance, and high tensile strength, setting the standard for excellence in the industry.

At Unique Forge, we don't just forge components; we forge relationships built on trust and quality. Our forging process ensures superior strength and flexibility, with products renowned for their mechanical prowess and fatigue resistance. From Forged Connecting Rods to customized components, we offer reliability and cost-effectiveness in every piece.

Certified by ISO 9001-2015, we stand as a beacon of quality and reliability across various sectors, including Automobile, defense, agriculture, and more. Our commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility drives us to continually exceed expectations, delivering top-notch products on time, every time.

Forged components India

Product Specification

Material Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper Forged Component Manufacturer
Usage/Application Agriculture, defense, earthmoving equipment, tractors, etc.
Shape according to requirement
Packaging Type According to product
Country of Origin Made in India
Production process hot die forging, close die forging, open forging
Finish As Machined, Sandblasting, Anodized, Zinc Plated, Black Oxide, Brushed, Polished, PVD

Explore Our Extensive Range

  • Forged Bushes
  • Hydraulic Pipe Fittings Parts
  • Forged Check Nuts
  • T Bolts
  • Forged Eye Bolts
  • Forged Flanges
  • Aluminum Pulleys
  • Glass Fittings Hardware Parts

Advantages Of Forged Components

Improved Strength-To-Weight Ratio

Forged components offer superior strength compared to other manufacturing methods, ensuring durability without added bulk.

Structural Integrity

Our forging process results in components with enhanced structural integrity, making them ideal for critical applications where reliability is paramount.

Design Opportunities

With forging, intricate designs and complex shapes can be achieved, allowing for greater flexibility in product design and innovation.

Environmental Impacts

Forging is an environmentally friendly process, producing minimal waste and energy consumption compared to other manufacturing methods.

Cost Benefits

While initial costs may be higher, the long-term benefits of forged components, including reduced maintenance and downtime, outweigh the investment.

Cycle Times

Forging offers shorter cycle times compared to other methods, leading to increased productivity and faster turnaround times.

Post Forging Machining

Forged components often require minimal post-forging machining, reducing production time and costs.

Design Considerations

Our experienced team considers various design factors to ensure optimal performance and longevity of forged components.

Die Life

We prioritize die-life optimization, utilizing advanced techniques to prolong tooling lifespan and maintain consistent quality.

Compatible Materials

From carbon steel to alloy steel, we work with a wide range of materials to meet diverse industry requirements.

Industries We Serve



Providing essential components for efficient farming operations.

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

Ensuring durability and reliability in transportation.



Supplying critical parts for national security applications.

Earthmoving Equipment

Earthmoving Equipment

Supporting heavy-duty machinery with robust components.

Electrical Transmission

Electrical Transmission

Offering copper alloy solutions for reliable power distribution.

General Engineering

General Engineering

We are meeting the diverse needs of various engineering applications.



We are enhancing tractor performance with top-quality engines and body parts.

Raw Materials We Use

At Unique Forge, we masterfully craft forged components using premium raw materials including, Alloy, Stainless Steel, and Carbon Steel. With our expertise and dedication, we ensure that every component meets the highest standards of quality and performance. Trust us to deliver excellence in every forge.


Features Of Our Forged Components

  • Robust construction
  • Excellent finishing
  • Extended lifespan
  • High tensile durability
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • User-friendly operation
  • Outstanding performance
  • Economical
  • Exquisite polishing
  • Long-lasting
  • Sturdy build
  • Minimal upkeep

Why Choose Unique Forge?

Crafting Quality Forged Components Since Inception

At Unique Forge, our legacy of excellence spans decades. With a relentless commitment to quality, we've established ourselves as leaders in the forging industry.

State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing

Step into our world of innovation. Our cutting-edge manufacturing plant boasts state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring each component meets the highest standards of precision and performance.

Competitive Pricing, Uncompromised Quality

We believe in offering competitive prices without sacrificing quality. From Europe to Australia, our products are trusted worldwide for their reliability and affordability.

Global Reach, Local Expertise

With a global footprint, we cater to diverse industries in both public and private sectors. Our forged components grace projects across the globe, from major infrastructure developments to critical government initiatives.

Our Guiding Principles

At Unique Forge, excellence isn't just a goal—it's our standard. With unwavering integrity, trust, and a focus on safety and sustainability, we set the benchmark for forging excellence.

Our Process

At Unique Forge, we employ various forging processes tailored to the size, shape, weight, and material of the component. Our categories include

Closed Die Forging

Utilizing screw presses and belt hammers, we produce precise components with intricate shapes and tight tolerances.

Open Die Forging

Capable of handling pieces ranging from 1 kg to 25 tons, this method creates robust components suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Upset Forging

Ideal for near-net shape parts, this process enhances material utilization and reduces machining requirements.

Cold Forging

Employed for producing components with complex shapes, this method ensures superior surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

Cold Heading

Used for fasteners, this process provides high-speed production of components with excellent mechanical properties.

Discover excellence in forging with Unique Forge, a leading manufacturer of high-quality forged components in Gujarat, India. With decades of experience, we've earned trust as a reliable supplier to industries spanning Agriculture, Automobiles, defense, and more. Our extensive range includes connecting rods, transmission shafts, gears, and valve components, crafted from premium materials like Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Alloy Steel. Trust Unique Forge for precision, reliability, and superior performance in every forged component.

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