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Welcome to Unique Forge, your premier destination for top-quality gear-forging solutions in India. With over 34 years of unmatched expertise in the industry, we pride ourselves on delivering gear forgings engineered to excel under heavy loads while ensuring peak productivity. Our commitment to adhering to the latest norms guarantees that each product is tailored to meet diverse requirements, all at a cost-effective rate that resonates with our clients.

At Unique Forge, we leverage cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive understanding of forging principles to produce gear blanks of exceptional durability and functionality. Our precision-forged gears, widely embraced across industries including automotive, agriculture, and defense, epitomize innovation and reliability.

Located in Gujarat but renowned globally for our quality components, we offer a personalized approach to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. From conceptualization to delivery, our state-of-the-art facilities enable us to maintain stringent controls and expedite product development. Our commitment to quality is evident in every step, from sourcing premium raw materials to rigorous quality control measures. Experience excellence with Unique Forge, where quality meets precision, and reliability knows no bounds.

Advantages Of Unique Forge Gear Forgings

  • Corrosion resistance for longevity
  • Fine finish for impeccable quality
  • Low cost without compromising on performance
  • Easy installation for convenience
  • High-end compatibility for versatile applications
  • Sturdy body for reliability
  • Quiet operation for seamless functionality
  • Inherent lubricant for smoother performance
  • Lighter weight for enhanced efficiency.

What Is Gear Forging?

Welcome to Unique Forge, the leading gear-forging manufacturer based in Gujarat, India. With expertise in producing small to large forged gears for automotive, defense, agriculture, and industrial applications, we specialize in crafting high-quality gear forging blanks up to 1500 mm in diameter. Additionally, our customized Tractor gear forgings offer supreme quality and reliability at competitive prices, backed by our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. With state-of-the-art facilities and experienced professionals, Unique Forge delivers top-notch gear-forging solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Why Choose To Forge For Gears?

Choose forging for gears to ensure superior quality, longevity, and performance in your machinery and equipment. Trust Unique Forge for expert gear forging solutions tailored to your precise needs and requirements.

Enhanced Fatigue Properties

Forging mechanically works the steel, improving its fatigue properties and ensuring the gear can withstand heavy loads and prolonged use without failure.

Robust Designs

With forging, gears can be crafted with simple yet robust designs, ensuring durability and reliability in demanding applications across various industries.

Precision Manufacturing

Forged gears are manufactured with meticulous precision, resulting in components that meet tight tolerances and perform consistently under strenuous conditions.

Strength And Durability

The forging process enhances the strength and durability of gears, making them resistant to wear, deformation, and damage, even in harsh operating environments.

Optimized Performance

By forging gears, we can tailor the material properties to specific requirements, optimizing performance and ensuring efficient power transmission and smooth operation.

Customization Possibilities

Forging allows for the customization of gear designs and configurations, catering to unique specifications and applications with ease.

Features Of Forged Gear Components

At Unique Forge, we uphold the highest industry standards throughout the development of our product line, earning accolades from clients across the domestic market. Our gears stand out for their effective functionality, ease of installation, and noiseless operations, making them indispensable in industries ranging from railways and automobiles to agriculture, defense, and beyond.

  • Adherence to the highest industry standards
  • Effective Functionality
  • Ease of installation
  • Noiseless operations
  • Versatile applications



From transmission systems to engine components, our gear forgings play a crucial role in the automotive industry, providing efficient power transmission and enhancing vehicle performance.


In construction machinery and equipment, our gear forgings deliver the strength and durability needed to withstand heavy loads and rugged conditions, ensuring smooth operation on the job site.


Our gear forgings are integral to electrical systems, supporting the efficient functioning of machinery and equipment in power generation, distribution, and transmission applications.


In precision electronic devices and appliances, our gear forgings contribute to smooth and reliable operation, ensuring precise movement and functionality in various consumer and industrial electronics.

Heavy Equipment

Whether in mining, forestry, or agriculture, our gear forgings provide the robustness and durability required for heavy equipment to perform optimally in demanding environments.

Industrial Machinery

From manufacturing processes to material handling systems, our gear forgings are essential components in industrial machinery, facilitating smooth and efficient operation across diverse applications.

Why Choose Unique Forge?

Versatile Capabilities

Versatile Capabilities

Regardless of the grade, size, or shape of the required product, our state-of-the-art facilities and wide range of equipment are meticulously designed to support diverse forging needs. At Unique Forge, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver excellence across the spectrum of gear forging requirements.

Optimal Service

Optimal Service

With Unique Forge, you can expect nothing but the best. Our dedicated engineers understand that time is of the essence, which is why we offer an express service committed to fast-tracking manufacturing, testing, and delivery without compromising on quality. Experience unmatched efficiency and reliability with our express service tailored to meet your urgent needs.

Commitment To Quality

Commitment To Quality

Quality management is at the forefront of everything we do at Unique Forge. Our team is personally committed to upholding the highest standards of quality, ensuring that each product adheres to stringent steel engineering principles. Trust us to maintain our international reputation for excellence in gear forging.

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